Channel Air Bridge “Carvair”

Welcome to our engaging online photo gallery, which tells the riveting story of Channel Air Bridge, the pioneering airline that offered a unique airplane-based car ferry service between England and France. This gallery is a tribute to a time when innovation met convenience, creating an unforgettable chapter in aviation history.

Each image in this curated collection takes you on a journey back to when travel was reshaped by the innovative vision of Sir Freddie Laker and his iconic Carvair. These photos capture the unique charm and novelty of the Channel Air Bridge service, which transported both passengers and their vehicles across the English Channel, making travel more accessible and flexible than ever before.

This gallery is a visual feast for those interested in the history of aviation, automobile travel, and the interplay between them. Discover rare photographs of the Carvair, a modified aircraft designed to carry cars and passengers. Explore the pivotal role of Sir Freddie Laker in creating and managing this unique service, which redefined travel between England and France.

From the preparation of the Carvair, loading and unloading of vehicles, to the faces of satisfied customers enjoying this unique service, our photo gallery offers a comprehensive exploration of the Channel Air Bridge era.

Journey back in time with our online photo gallery, and immerse yourself in the story of Channel Air Bridge and Sir Freddie Laker’s Carvair, a true testament to innovation in the world of travel. Enjoy the rare insights it offers into a fascinating chapter of aviation and automobile history.