Laker Airways

Welcome to our online photo gallery, your definitive visual journey through the history of Laker Airways, the innovative airline fondly remembered as ‘Skytrain’. Established by the visionary Sir Freddie Laker, Skytrain revolutionized air travel, making it affordable and accessible to millions. Our gallery is a curated collection of photographs that capture the compelling story of Laker Airways, from its ambitious beginnings to its meteoric rise and eventual fall.

Explore iconic moments such as the inaugural Skytrain flight and the introduction of ‘no-frills’ transatlantic service. This digital walkthrough serves as a tribute to Laker Airways’ unmatched contribution to the aviation industry. Whether you’re an aviation enthusiast, a history buff, or someone intrigued by stories of visionary leadership and resilience, this gallery is for you.

Immerse yourself in the journey of Laker Airways – the airline that dared to dream big and transform the sky into a domain for everyone. Browse through our carefully chosen images, each speaking volumes about the airline’s pioneering spirit, and delve into the history of the ‘Skytrain’ that forever changed the face of air travel.

Discover the inspiring story of Laker Airways, the groundbreaking ‘Skytrain’, and the man behind it all, Sir Freddie Laker, right here in our comprehensive online gallery. Relive the captivating moments that marked this unforgettable chapter in aviation history. Enjoy your journey through time, one picture at a time.

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